Living the American Dream

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Good morning and happy Monday lovely friends! I hope everyone is awake and enjoying the beautiful day. Maybe you are finding a way to live the stereotypical American dream today… maybe you’re excited for some corn on the cob for dinner or something similar.

I got to live the American dream the other night and check three things off of my 101 in 1001 bucket list. My family got tickets to the Phillies game on Saturday. Not only did we get to see the game but we sat on the first base line! I got to meet the first baseman, Tommy Joseph, and he signed my first base glove. Sadly we didn’t get any foul balls but just sitting in those seats was enough for me. Also, living the American dream at a baseball game as a 21 year old wouldn’t be complete without cracking a cold one with the boys (even though I prefer wine over beer). There was also another addition to the dream after the game!

We chose this game because when you bought a ticket, you got to stay after the game and watch a concert! And how would it not be living the American dream without listening to some country music? Hunter Hayes was the musical act of the night and he was so good! I have been waiting to see a country concert and he was the perfect one to see. 10/10 would recommend seeing him in concert and pretty much crying when he sings Wanted.

All in all, it was nice to spend time with my family and enjoy one of our favorite pastimes together. We all got to break out our Phillies gear (I actually DIYed my shirt and got a lot of compliments on it which was lit) and root root root for the home team. AND they won in extra innings! It was such a great experience that everyone should enjoy at some point in their life.

What is your fav game/concert you have been to?

xoxo Morgan

PINspiration Pinterest Roundup

Image Links (wordpress is messing up my collage so these are a random order… SORRY!!): 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9

Good morning and happy Wednesday friends (as the snapchat filter this morning said it’s workout Wednesday but I am working all day so that probably won’t happen)! Being working everyday this week, I don’t have that much time to take pictures but plenty of time sitting on social media between calls so I figured why not use my busy life/laziness for good right?

Pinterest is one of my favorite places to find any sort of inspiration. Whether that be finding a new outfit to wear to a new recipe or even just some photos that make my heart happy, it is easy to find something to inspire you. Honestly, some things are just so pretty.

Y’all. I am so excited for Paris. You should see the amount of Paris things I have pinned that I found as soon as my dad reserved the trip. There are countless pictures of the Eiffel Tower (one featuring a picnic which is definitely happening) as well as guides and other blog posts. I am so hype and already trying to plan outfits in my head. There will definitely be an outfit guide to come and probably a what to do guide once we get back.

I’ve also seen so much cute stuff recently in the housing department. Maybe it’s because I’m not moving this year or maybe it’s just my inner Joanna Gaines but I cannot wait to design my own place one day. Of course now I can decorate my bedroom, but I want a whole house guys.

I love getting outfit inspiration on Pinterest. If I ever get bored of my clothes and can’t think of an outfit, I go check out my fashion board. Lately, I have been obsessed with two piece sets and have been looking for more. The one above is so cute and if you know me, you know my obsession with stripes (i.e. why I’m the Patterned Prep). I also saw the cutest pjs on the same site (that I first saw from one of my favorite bloggers Kate from Lonestar Southern) and am dying to get my hands on them (although they are one of those wholesale sites that I haven’t gotten around to trusting quite yet). Finally that black dress outfit is totally a type of inspiration for going to Paris. I can’t wait to wear clean lines and classic, minimalist outfits while there.

If you want, give me a follow on Pinterest to keep up with things that are inspiring me. The link is in the left side bar and give me a follow on the other socials too to keep up with my life!

What has been inspiring you lately?

xoxo Morgan

Home Away From Home

Happy July 24th lovely friends! I am back at school for the week to complete my EMT shifts for July. Coming back to the apartment I have been in for the past year and will be again for this year has been such a blessing. I did not have to move out and am so thankful to be able to stay in one place. It’s rough as a college student to have to change where you live every year. You still have your room at home but when your home away from home keeps changing, settling in takes longer.

I figured I would do a post of things that are definitely a necessity when living in a dorm or your first apartment when it comes to making it feel like home, rather than just a temporary dwelling. When you put effort into the little details, it makes life ten times better.

  1. Fuzzy robe // There’s nothing better than getting out of a warm shower and putting a comfy fuzzy robe. Sometimes I even just put it on in the morning or if I’m doing a face mask at night.
  2. Blankets and Pillows // Staying on the comfy note, I am a big advocate for the more blankets and pillows the better. I legitimately have a ladder full of blankets and my bed is filled with unnecessary pillows.tumblr_oba9l6D7g01qa8rqwo2_500tumblr_oba9l6D7g01qa8rqwo1_500
  3. Christmas lights // Honestly, this one couldn’t be more basic (see how basic you are on this post) but like the best thing is plugging in some lights and just hanging watching netflix.
  4. Pictures of people you care about // I take so many pictures so this one is a given. Putting up pictures of family and friends remind me of the people that love me, which makes me feel at home. (also pictures of my dogs make my heart happy).
  5. A piece of home // This can be completely different for everyone. I have trinkets from home, like an elephant figurine or a cute fake flower. Sometimes this can be completely different too. I know cooking something that my family eats a lot also helps it feel like home. Bake some cookies and make the house smell like love.

There are honestly sooooo many more things but I tried to keep it to five. I always love painting canvases so I have a few of those up as well. I actually need to make more canvases for my future glittles (AH news about that COMING SOON).

ALSO I have another big announcement… the Van fam is going to PARIS! I literally cannot wait. I am already planning outfits in my head and cannot wait to picnic in front of the Eiffel Tower and get macarons from Ladurée.

But anyway, what are you fav things to make your place at school feel like home?

xoxo Morgan

Summer Fun

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Hello friends and sorry for the short break. I have been doing horribly with blogging but live in the moment ya feel?

I have been having loads of fun this summer and wanted to put together a list of things you should try as the summer begins to come to a close. I know I have soooo many things  that I still want to try to cross off my summer bucket list. Here are some fun recommendations!

  1. Go for a bike ride to ice cream or dinner // I just did this on Sunday with my mom and dad. We biked about 13 miles both ways and ended up back at a place on the water for dinner and drinks.
  2. Check out your local plant/flower nursery // Now my favorite place to go for this is Terrain (which is actually an Anthropologie company now so it’s no surprise that I love it). Terrain is not only just plants but it’s also a place to eat and a store. My favorite thing to do at places like this leads to my next point…
  3. Have a photoshoot at a new place or an old favorite // As seen above, I did this a little bit at Terrain (thanks mom for being willing to take pics always) but I want to go more. My friend and I always love going to Longwood Gardens so I think that’s the next one I have planned.
  4. Go to a baseball game // I am so excited for this one! My family and I just made plans to go to the Phillies game with the Hunter Hayes concert afterwards!! I am so ready for this one because I can also cross it off of my 101 in 1001 list.
  5. Go to the Farmer’s Market // So I have yet to do this one this summer but I am DYING to go. I want to go so badly and get some fresh veggies and flowers all while supporting my community.
  6. Get ice cream // On the supporting your community note, why not stop by your local ice cream store for some delicious noms? It’s always so tasty to get a classic chocolate waffle cone. Plus, it makes for some cute instas amiright?

Those are some fun suggestions to try out this summer as it comes to a close. Comment down below your favorite and some other ones you are wanting to try out!

xoxo Morgan

Mo’s Favs: Vlogger Edition

Hello friends and welcome to Monday morning! I’ve been enjoying a slow Monday morning catching up on my Youtube subscriptions. For those of you that don’t know, a vlogger is a video blogger. So it’s pretty much what I do but a video version which is super rad.

I really wanted to share with you guys some of my favorites Youtubers/vloggers (honestly I wanted to be creative and do it in video form but that can’t happen at the moment on this blog but maybe one day soon!) so that’s what today’s post is about.

There are so many fun videos that these beautiful people make. Whether they do a planned video, like a try on haul, or whether it be an actual daily vlog of their day to day life. I figured I would share a few of them, rather than share every single account I subscribe to. I am going to leave the link to their channel so you can watch their videos and put a pic from their Instagram. So enjoy!

Monica’s vlog channel

FullSizeRender 2

Monica has such fun videos to watch. She is one of the more real vloggers, who truly lets you know what she is feeling. I love to watch her day to day life, see her process of making videos, and just overall feel like she cares about her viewers.

Ashley’s Vlog Channel & Ashley’s Main Channel

FullSizeRender 3

Ashley is just such a ray of sunshine. I love watching her videos on both channels because she just seems to have so much light around her. Honestly, I would love to just be her best friend.

Brooke’s Main Channel & Brooke’s Vlog Channel

FullSizeRender 4

Brooke’s aesthetic is definitely my aesthetic. She pretty much rocks every outfit. I love also hearing her healthy recipes as well as just the fun things that are going on in her life.

Danielle’s Channel

FullSizeRender 5

Alright real talk. I want Danielle’s closet. And her positive attitude. She literally is just a bundle of joy and I would love to go get coffee with her. This summer she is daily vlogging and I cannot wait to see her videos once she goes to college.

Alisha’s Vlogs

FullSizeRender 6

Alisha has such cute vlogs. She is always taking fun photos, doing unboxings, or showing off Chloe. Alisha and Ashley (from above) are sisters and live in the cutest house I’ve ever seen. I would definitely want to be their roommate if I could haha.

Morgan’s Vlogs & Morgan’s Main Channel

FullSizeRender 7

It might just be the name similarity, but Morgan’s videos are probably some of my favs. She is down to earth and is someone to relate to more easily than most. She has fun in the normal but also has an extraordinary life, traveling lots which is #goals.

Joey’s Channel


Joey is one of the only guys I subscribe to and I think that’s because he’s just so fun. I would love to just hangout with him and take a spontaneous adventure. He’s dating Danielle (from above) and they are probably the cutest couple I have ever seen. I also love his quote… “Stay you, stay beautiful.”


So those are some of the people I love watching on Youtube. They all have such fun personalities and their lives are actual goals. Definitely go check and out and let me know who is your favorite!

In the spirit of vlogging, I am going to be putting up Instagram stories of my life today as well as possibly live streaming at one point so go to my blog Instagram @thepatternedprep to keep up with it!

xoxo Morgan

5 Summer Reads


Happy Friday friends! I hope you have been enjoying the day so far and taking time to be grateful for the summer time we have.

One thing in the summer I am grateful for is having time to read! I love reading but never find time or the will to read during the school year. Pretty much, all of my reading happens by a beach or a pool nowadays. So I am always looking for new books to read. I decided to browse Barnes and Noble to pick out some more I want to get into this summer.

  1. The Identicals by Elin Hilderbrand // I’m a sucker for cheesy summer books, especially those based in Nantucket. I found myself reading more and more of these types of books, almost like they are the adult version of the cheesy teenage romances I used to read (and still have a guilty pleasure for).
  2. Lilac Girls by Martha Hall Kelly // This kind of book kind of makes my Downton Abbey heart leap for joy. I love stories like this that are based in the past but I still find something to relate to in.
  3. Same Beach, Next Year: A Novel by Dorothea Benton Frank // As you can see, I’m sticking with the cheesy summer novels for the win. Honestly, they are so fun and I don’t care if anyone hates haha
  4. Uninvited by Lysa TerKeurst // I have been wanting to read this book for a while (as everyone is) so I figured this summer would be the time to do it.
  5. Secrets in Summer by Nancy Thayer // Finishing off this short summer reading list, coming back in with another stereotypical summer book. Honestly just my genre of choice.

I hope to possibly read these books as this summer continues on. For now, I have a couple others I need to get into.

Do you have any book recommendations/ what are some on your reading wishlist?

xoxo Morgan

Best Night EVER

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Guys. You will never believe the fun that happened last night.

I got to go to the ED SHEERAN concert with my bff and sitting in the FOURTH ROW from the stage, which was actually the ROW CLOSEST TO THE STAGE IN OUR SECTION (the other rows were placed farther right and were shorter so we were pretty much the exact front).

I’m not even kidding when I say I pretty much was in shock when we sat down at our seats. I knew we would be close but I apparently did not comprehend how close I would be. Not only was I seeing one of my fav artists, but I was gonna to be at a distance so close that he could see me. Lauren and I even brought an Irish flag for Galway Girl and Nancy Mulligan. We think Ed saw it because he was looking over and smiling so I would say that is a win in our book.

It honestly was a magical experience, friends. Concerts are always so fun. You have the artist just having a blast and everyone singing along. I love just listening and watching to everyone having the times of their lives. It is a way to bring completely different people together and for the artist to be able to share their lives with their fans.

10/10 would recommend going to an Ed Sheeran concert. He performs by himself on stage using a loop pedal and his guitar. It is unbelievable to watch him perform, the talent he has WOW.

Anyway, last night was a blast and I am currently going through post concert depression and listening to him on my spotify on repeat.

Who has been your favorite concert so far? Who do you really want to see in concert?

xoxo Morgan

PS I would’ve posted the videos from the concert but it doesn’t work with my domain at the moment so head over to my Instagram (see the right side bar) to look at one!