Lucky for You That’s What I Like

Well hello lovely friends! Today’s post is all about things that I am loving at the moment (peep the Bruno Mars song as the title). So here we go!


ONE // Turtlenecks // They are one of my favorite pieces of clothing right now. I have had this one from American Eagle for a while now and it is one of my go to’s in my closet.


TWO // Succulents // My little baby plants bring so much joy and aesthetic into my life. They provide the picture perfect decoration to my windowsill in the cute little mugs!


THREE // Starbucks Vanilla Iced Coffee with Cream and Light Ice // This is literally my go to drink when it comes to coffee. Lately I have been stopping at the ECL Starbucks on the way to my 9:05 health class on Monday’s and Wednesday’s, which is probably a bad habit for me to start.

FOUR // The Athleisure Movement // Friends. The fact that there is now a fashion trend specifically for bumming it, I’m hooked. Give me some leggings, nikes, and a sweatshirt and sign me up.

FIVE // Bell Sleeved Sweaters // Alright, so I do not own one of these yet but I am absolutely adding it to my must buy list. The outfit on the left is Kate from Lonestar Southern (see my last post on my favorite bloggers!) and the right I pinned on Pinterest. Both outfits are stunning and I hope to be able to add a sweater like this to my closet!

Thanks for reading about 5 of my favs at the moment! I might do a post on a birthday wishlist coming soon so let me know if you would be interested in seeing that! Hope you have a fabulous day that is filled with lots of joy!

xoxo Morgan


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