Coffee date no. 2


Hello lovely friends! Can you believe it is Wednesday already? I sure can’t.

SO I thought it was time for another coffee date post. Is your Keruig ready for this? Go grab your fav mug, coffee, and creamer. Plug in those twinkle lights. Put on some fuzzy socks and wrap up in a blanket. Are you ready?

Does anyone else feel like the semester just hit really hard? I feel like all at once every class has a test and everyone is rushing to make those flash cards. I know for me I was expecting it to hit because my semester felt slightly slow school work wise up to that point. Then, these past two weeks hit like a brick wall.

I mean, it’s one thing to have a test here and a paper there but having the quarter of the way through the semester blues came rushing in like an avalanche. And of course right around such a fun time of year (Valentine’s day and my 21st I mean such good timing right?).

I know at this point in the semester everyone is busy and running around like chickens with their heads cut off… me included. It is one of those times where you have to take a step back and reflect. What should I be doing instead of watching endless vlogs (guilty)? How can I make better use of my time? How is God moving and working in these moments where I feel like I will break down in tears any second?

Today I really encourage you not only to understand the best study tips for success but also take a moment to see what the bigger purpose is. I know it can be difficult when you feel like nothing you are studying is sticking in your brain and everyone is talking about how stressed they are. Take time to think about how this grade won’t define you as a person but that God has placed you here at your school (or wherever you are in life) so you can further his kingdom through your future vocation. He won’t be disappointed if you only get a B on that test (and that grade does not define your identity).

I hope this coffee date allows you to take a second and just breathe. Allow your brain to take a break and not be so task oriented for 5 seconds. Everything will work out as it should and so many great things are yet to come. Now I should take my own advice  after reflecting and buckle down for this psych test I have coming up. Thanks for reading and I hope you will come back Friday for my next post (late Galentine’s party anyone?).

xoxo Morgan


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