Easy Reads


Good afternoon lovely friends! Today I thought I would throw out some easy reading recommendations (especially when you are busy and do not think you have the time to read).

The Magnolia Journal // After reading my blog for a little while, you know I love Fixer Upper (cue the pic to the right of this). I was lucky enough to be given a subscription to this wonderful magazine for Christmas from my lovely aunt. I finally got a copy yesterday in the mail and could not do anything until I had read it. I love how down to Earth Chip and Jo are. Everything in this magazine is just so pretty and so helpful. Now I want to get all my friends together to make floral arrangements or try out the smoothie recipes they suggested. I definitely do not think I could do the capsule wardrobe like Jo but more power to her wonderful self.

The Skimm // Getting an email every morning from the Skimm is always so helpful to keep myself informed with what is going on in this crazy world of ours. It is both comical and informative with valid info to keep me up to date.

I definitely read more than just those two but those are the easiest ones for when you just want a break. I wanted to include reading my bible for quiet time but I know sometimes that is not the easiest thing to read. Sometimes trying to understand what God is saying can be fuzzy but so, so worth it. I also have the intention of reading 2 C.S. Lewis book and the new Nicholas Sparks book sometime soon but it is so difficult to read for fun when at school. I would love to adopt the habit of reading a book before bed instead of endlessly scrolling through my social media on my phone. Y’all should do it with me and then we can keep each other in check. What are some of your favorite things to read? Have a fav book at the moment? I would love to hear your recommendations!

xoxo Morgan


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