101 in 1001

Happy Friday friends! I’ve been thinking about making one of these 101 things in 1001 days for a while now and I am finally getting around to doing it! Mackenzie Horan started this concept a few years back and I think it’s such a fabulous way to dream big for the next 2.75 years. So without further ado, here is my list! ALSO if you want to join me in this version of a bucket list, comment a link to yours or let me know your thoughts!

Screen Shot 2017-03-19 at 5.09.59 PM

Start date: March 17, 2017

End date: December 13, 2019

Number completed: 21/101


  1. Come up with 101 things (3/17/17)
  2. Try 5 new recipes from Pinterest (3/28/17 Buddha bowl with a twist, chicken with hummus, zoodles with ground turkey, sweet potatoes with onion and red pepper)
  3. Take a spontaneous road trip
  4. Get up and workout every day for a week
  5. Go a week without drinking coffee
  6. Clean out my closet
  7. Unplug for 24 hours
  8. Start a pay it forward at Starbucks or Dunkin’
  9. Collaborate with another blogger
  10. Collaborate with a brand
  11. Finish college with Dean’s List
  12. Get into PA school
  13. Ask a photographer friend to do a photoshoot
  14. Do a spontaneous late night food adventure (3/17/17 McDonald’s with Becky and Susan)
  15. Surprise 5 people with random gifts (9/16/17 Becky and Victoria, 9/22/17 Lauren and Jamie)
  16. Visit 3 friend’s colleges (9/22/17-9/24/17 IUP with Lauren)
  17. Host a brunch
  18. Give someone a surprise visit (10/6/17 surprised mom for her birthday)
  19. Take a trip to Disney
  20. Take a trip to Nantucket
  21. Go on a sunrise hike
  22. Go apple picking in the fall (9/30/17)
  23. Read 30 books (11/30)
  24. Do a wine tasting at a vineyard (4/16/17 went to Crosskeys Vineyard with family for Easter and did the fruit wine tasting)
  25. Buy 5 new records (5/8/17 Nat King Cole, Helen Reddy, Dirty Dancing Soundtrack, Barry Manilow, 6/27/17 Norah Jones)
  26. Go to a baseball game (7/29/17 first base line seats at the Phillies)
  27. Invest in cute wine glasses
  28. Run a 5K
  29. Make my bed everyday for a month
  30. Learn how to tie a tie/bowtie
  31. Reach 600 followers on @thepatternedprep on instagram
  32. Sort through my photos on my computer and delete the unwanted ones
  33. Run 4 miles without stopping
  34. Take a barre class
  35. Do a self-care day
  36. Get my EMT certification (7/17/17)
  37. Go paddle boarding (7/3/14)
  38. Turn off my phone an hour before going to bed for a week
  39. Graduate from JMU
  40. Send 3 people flowers spontaneously
  41. Try Soulcycle
  42. Leave a 100% tip for great service (3/31/17)
  43. Go to a JMU baseball game
  44. Go to a JMU basketball game
  45. Invest in a good pair of heels
  46. Learn how to crochet
  47. Find a new doctor
  48. Bake a pinterest worthy cake
  49. Try 3 new coffee shops
  50. Take mom to the antique store on rt. 81 that we want to go to (4/15/17)
  51. Write 5 handwritten letters
  52. Read the entire new testament
  53. Plan a bible study for small group I’m truly proud of
  54. Go on an international mission trip
  55. Find the perfect tinted moisturizer
  56. Make a vlog
  57. Only say yes for a day
  58. Find a new perfume (5/5/17)
  59. Inspire someone to write a 101 in 1001 list (3/27/17 Lauren is writing a bucket list)
  60. Create a blog logo
  61. Fill my journal
  62. Kiss under mistletoe
  63. Have a picnic on the beach
  64. Perfect a guacamole recipe
  65. Be vegetarian for a week (3/27/17 – 3/2/17)
  66. Learn how to make macaroons
  67. Try something that is out of my comfort zone (6/16/17 drove a jet ski)
  68. Learn how to french braid
  69. Eat an acai bowl (8/19/17)
  70. Do not buy coffee out for a week
  71. Visit Waco, TX
  72. Learn how to play guitar
  73. Bike to the farmer’s market in Lewes
  74. Dress up in sequins for NYE
  75. Go a week without wearing leggings
  76. Complete a pinterest ab challenge
  77. Go to bed by 11 everyday for a week
  78. Clean out my movie and mug collection
  79. Get a bar cart
  80. Learn how to make my blog tech friendly
  81. Go to the Philadelphia art museum
  82. Do a sugar detox for a week
  83. Pay for my parents to have a date night
  84. Go a week without watching Netflix
  85. Attend an outdoor concert (7/29/17 Hunter Hayes after the Phillies)
  86. Go to a country concert (7/29/17 Hunter Hayes after the Phillies)
  87. Drink 8 glasses of water everyday for a week
  88. Clean out my shoes
  89. Take a painting class
  90. Be a tourist in my own town
  91. Go to all of the monuments in DC
  92. Host a tea party
  93. Have a spa day
  94. Build a blanket fort and have a movie day
  95. Visit Blue Hole
  96. Watch a sunrise and sunset in the same day
  97. Find a discipler
  98. Perfect a meal prep meal (Buddha bowl)
  99. Buy a tool kit
  100. Clean out my jewelry
  101. Complete all 101 things on this list

Well if you are still with me, I hope you will help keep me accountable for completing this list! They are all such fun things (and some necessary) to add a little spice to my life. Let me know if you want to complete any of them with me!

xoxo Morgan



  1. Krystle · March 17

    Good luck! I’m on my third round of the 101 challenge. They are so fun!😀

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Sartenada · March 18

    Excellent list. I picked up this one:

    46. Learn how to crochet. Gorgeous. This is from Finland:

    Crochet tractor.

    Happy blogging!

    Liked by 1 person

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