How I organize my planner

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Happy Wednesday friends! Hopefully you are enjoying your day and enjoying some sunshine. I know I have been enjoying how laid back this week has been but I know the storm is coming.

One thing that always calms me down a bit when I know I have a lot of work ahead is to write it all down in my planner. And boy do I need to organize my planner. I use a Lilly Pulitzer large agenda which is helpful at the time but I am considering switching next year.

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I know everyone has different ways that make them keep in check with their agenda. I tend to stick with some basic organizing strategies. I use different color pens to represent different things. My blue pen is for homework. My green pen is for meetings or other events I have going on. Purple is for major tests, projects, or quizzes I have coming up. Pink is for birthdays as well as today do lists.

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Another thing I use in my planner that helps so much (10/10 would recommend) are sticky notes. I use sticky notes for to do lists, things I don’t want permanently in my planner, and honestly choosing my EMT shifts as well.

Usually at the beginning of the week, I open up my agenda to see everything I have going on. Too many times have I forgot to look and think I remember everything I have to do, only to find out I missed an assignment.

Lilly planners also come with a lot of fun pages in the beginning as well as stickers! I know a lot of people have bought stickers but I always love using the ones at the front. Another fun thing to do with Lilly agendas (which I haven’t done with mine yet) is use them for some fun DIYs.

That’s how I organize my planner! It is honestly really simple and definitely an easy way to stay on top of my to do list and my week. If you do not have a planner, I highly recommend it! Especially in college! If you have any other questions, let me know in the comments below! ALSO comment below of how your organize your agenda!

xoxo Morgan

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