My Someday Home


Do you ever sit down and try to imagine your future house? I feel like every girl’s dream after becoming a princess and meeting prince charming is having a home filled with so much love. I was thinking about it again earlier and I realized my hopes for my someday house…

I want my house one day to be filled with music, whether it be when my husband and I slow dancing or whether it be some song my kids love at the moment that I have heard for probably the thousandth time. And laughter. I want there to be so much laughter that it’s a normal sound in my home. I want people to laugh until they are crying and then recall that moment years later and remember their happiness. I want there to always be good smells, of cookies or fresh coffee in the morning or maybe the smell of the steaks coming off the grill. I want fresh flowers to leave everything feeling airy and soft lights to maybe the world a little more peaceful. I hope there are enough pillows and blankets for everyone to be comfy and relaxed (and enough for pillow forts I mean for real). I want everyone in my home to be happy for what they are blessed with yet be able to be there for each other in the hard times too. I want to be the house people are excited to visit and always feel welcome and comfortable in. I want neighbors to come over to borrow sugar and end up staying for hours just talking and catching up. I want my family and friends to come over and feel like it’s their second home, enough they know where everything is and feel comfortable grabbing a cup and something out of the fridge. I hope there are pictures of memories all over the place. I hope I can appreciate the mess because it means people are living. I hope I can laugh at burnt toast and markers on the walls. I hope our home is centered on Jesus and that His blessing is over it.

I imagine a lot of physical things too. Like I have a vision of what my house looks like (farmhouse style, very much Fixer Upper) but I think the focus of a home needs to be more on the feeling and the people, rather than the material. Sure, I would love a clawfoot tub or a porch swing. But the most important thing is the people I share that house with and the moments and memories we will create.

So here’s to you, someday house. I cannot wait to see what you have in store.

xoxo Morgan


One comment

  1. val · April 12, 2017

    Love, love, love the post on your blog about your someday home! I pray that it will be that and so much more for you and that I get a chance to share in those memories:)

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