Easter Basket Goodies


Well today I am throwing it back to this time last year! I am so excited for Easter! Not only is it a great time to dress up and spend time with family, but it’s a time to celebrate Jesus and what he did on the cross for us.

Every family tends to have some traditions involving Easter. My family usually goes to church and brunch (we are going to Cross Keys Vineyard again and I am SO excited). We also have the tradition of opening Easter baskets! As my sister and I get older, baskets have to change a bit. When I was younger, we always got candy and a movie usually. So for everyone getting older, here are some ideas to put in an easter basket for every girl!

  1. Lush products // Can I be any more basic than wanting a bath bomb or face mask? Mask of Magnaminty is one of my fav face masks (especially because it last so long).
  2. Jewelry // Whether it be Kendra Scott, KJP, Half United, or something from Charming Charlie’s, the way to a girl’s heart is definitely through jewels.
  3. Makeup // I know I don’t wear that much makeup but trying out new products is always something I am down for.
  4. Coffee gift cards // This coffee addict loves getting Starbucks and Dunkin’ gift cards. Throw in a mug and you’ve got a cute little add in to the basket.
  5. Candles // Honestly candles are one of the most underrated gifts ever. So even treat yourself with this one and go to Target and Anthropologie to pick out your favorite scent (or look I mean honestly the ones at Anthro are for the aesthetic).
  6. Sunglasses // As the weather is warming up and the sun is shining, sunglasses are a must. I love my toms pair currently and definitely think everyone deserves their favorite pair.
  7. Candy // Would it be Easter without a chocolate bunny or some jelly beans? I for one am not a huge Jelly Belly jelly bean type of person so I go more for Starburst jelly beans. Other favorites are usually robin eggs and reese’s eggs.

Another way to style some Easter baskets could be with a theme. You could have a basket filled with stuff for a spa or beach day. You could also throw in some popcorn and a DVD for a movie night. And for all you coffee lovers out there, enjoy your mug, K-cups, and all of the love.

I hope you all remember the true reason for this Easter season and spend time with those you care about most. Have a happy Friday and a fabulous resurrection weekend!

xoxo Morgan



  1. beautifulgirlies · April 14, 2017

    Love this post❤ could you check out my latest?

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