Coffee Date No. 3


Hello friends and happy Wednesday! Today has been interesting already to say the least. I spilled coffee on the shirt I was supposed to present in so now I am back at home and have to figure out a new outfit. Sometimes the things we love hurt us the most… I thought coffee and I had a good, loving relationship. Speaking of coffee, it has been a while since I have done a coffee talk so I figured you were due for one. So grab your favorite mug and your fav brew and cozy on up. You ready? Good.

As finals are approaching for most schools, I wanted to talk about identity and something very important to keep in mind for this time of year…


Yes, I put it in all caps because it is that important. That grade you are worried about for that test. That project you feel like will be the death of you. You will get through it. And if the grade is not what you expected or wanted… it’s not the end of the world.

Now, I’m not saying do not work for your grades or just don’t care at all but I just do not think your mental status is worth you freaking out over the results. Your identity is not in how well you do or do not do. Your identity should be in something so much better (ahem the King of Kings).

You won’t remember the grade you got on that chem final or what you got on that health project 5 years from now. The most important thing is placing value on what God says about you, not what you think the grades say.

I know as a Type A perfectionist personality, I always stress myself out over grades and get really disappointed if the result is not what I felt like I worked for. But something I have been trying to remind myself (and keeping mind my monthly mantra) that my worth is in my identity in Christ, and not in my GPA.

I hope you can keep this in mind too if you are approaching finals or if you are just feeling stressed by something small right now. The little things in life do not define you. Find joy and peace where you are and enjoy the little moments. Do not let small things now (like spilling coffee on your shirt) ruin your entire day or life. Take a break and remember all of the good things and blessings you have been given.

xoxo Morgan


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