Finals Week Essentials


Hey y’all! Happy Friday lovelies! I would like to say yes it’s finally the weekend but this weekend is not going to be a break because finals are upon us. All college students will be living in every library and coffee shop around campus. Study sessions last all day and for some people all night (I am not one for all nighters if I can help it).

I know there are definitely some things that I have to have for those long study days so I figured I would share my wisdom and maybe y’all could comment some of your tips to help a sister out!

  1. Coffee // Obviously that is going to be the number one thing on this coffee addict’s list. I always like using coffee as a sort of motivation that if I get x amount of studying done then I can treat myself.
  2. Granola bars // It is really hard to study on an empty stomach so having a granola bar on hand is always helpful. Lately I have been liking Nature Valley Oats and Honey bars and I have been dying to try a Larabar because I’ve heard great reviews.
  3. Cardigan // Whether you prefer a cardigan or a sweatshirt, you will want to bring it or you’ll regret it. I always get chilly and having something easy to throw on is always helpful.
  4. Chargers // There’s nothing worse than when you are studying and your laptop (or phone because c’mon everyone takes breaks).
  5. Water bottle // Gotta stay hydrated and keep that brain hydrated so you can pump out those long hours.
  6. A positive attitude // The most important thing to get you through finals is just staying positive during all of the studying and keeping in mind my last coffee date.

I know finals can be scary but we are all more prepared than we think. We just need to breathe and pray and all will be well. It is all gonna be ok, friends. Study what you can. Get some sleep. Take breaks everyone once in awhile. You are so smart and finals will not change that.

Let me know if you have anymore tips in the comments below.

xoxo Morgan



  1. Padre · April 28, 2017

    Good advice oh wise one. Go Kick butt.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Cameron · April 28, 2017

    What about squad trucks?


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