Mo’s Favs: April Edition


Hello lovelies and happy Monday! Now that it’s gonna be May (well by the time you are reading this it is May but I mean ya gotta quote JT at some point). My finals week starts tomorrow test wise so I’m currently stuck in the library (and with a cold I woke up having) but for now I was gonna review some things I have loved the past 30 days.

  1. Crest 3D Whitening Strips // These bad boys actually work. I’m not kidding. I was wearing a white shirt one day and was grossed out by the color of my teeth and my momma suggested this brand from our dentist. I agree, they are great.
  2. Cup of Calm Relaxation Tea // I really should just name this list “things Mom has suggested and I now love.” My mom got this tea for me and I was hesitant because I’m not a huge lavender but this tea doesn’t even have that taste or smell. I definitely feel relaxed and a little less stressed after drinking it too.
  3. Chacos // With all this beautiful weather, it just feels so right to wear some comfy sandals. I have been wearing my Chacos pretty much every day (because my uniform lately has been running shorts and big tees aka srat much?).
  4. She Reads Truth emails // I signed up recently to receive the daily emails from and it has been so beneficial in my quiet times. I love having the guided discussion and just being able to dig into the word a little deeper.
  5. Blueberries // This probably sounds so random but lately I have been loving these little superfood bites. They go great by themselves or on a bagel with cream cheese or in a smoothie!
  6. Local coffee shops // One of my fav things is finding cute, cozy coffee shops with that perfect aesthetic. My favorite at JMU is Shenandoah Joe which I swear has the best mocha ever. The shop is also adorable and has the perfect atmosphere for studying or grabbing a cup with a friend.
  7. Taupe nail polish // OPI has a color called “Taupe-less beach” and I have been loving this color lately. It is clean and classic. Every girl should have a go to nail color and this has been mine.

I still have been enjoying moments too and noticing the small things. The other day I was driving and the sun came through the window just right while a country song was playing on the radio. Just noticing the wind blowing my hair and how peaceful I felt was something I love to keep in mind when the stressful days of finals week are getting to me.

What have some of your favorite things been this month?

xoxo Morgan



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