Breakfast of Champions


Happy Monday morning friends! I hope you are enjoying the day and savoring every bit of it.

I decided today I would share with y’all an upgrade of my favorite breakfast that I recently learned how to make.

Now, I always love me a good avocado toast with a sunny side up egg on top. But recently I learned to spice it up a bit.

Ingredients you will need for Morgan’s famous avocado toast:

  • 1 Avocado
  • cherry tomatoes
  • feta cheese
  • lemon juice
  • whole wheat bread
  • egg
  • salt and pepper (push it real good)

Now let’s get down to business…

  1. Cut and peel the avocado. Add it to a bowl and mash it up with a fork.
  2. Cut up cherry tomatoes into fourths and add to the avocado.
  3. Add however much feta cheese to the mixture that you want.
  4. Start cooking the eggs. Add salt and pepper. Flip for a bit.
  5. Toast the bread and add the avocado mix to the top after it’s done.
  6. Add the egg on top. (I even topped mine with the extra avocado)
  7. ENJOY with some coffee or a smoothie!

If you try it, you’ll have to let me know! Really random post I know but when you love something it’s best to share it! Any other ideas for things you want to see should be commented below! What’s your favorite breakfast food to make?

xoxo Morgan


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