Chillin’ out, Maxin’, Relaxin’ all cool


Hello friends! I hope you are enjoying your Wednesday. With my summer class quickly approaching, I have been trying to relax and enjoy the little moments I have. I went home for the week to celebrate my little sister’s birthday and spend time with my family.

I realized I hadn’t seen my family in so long and had not seen my dogs in four months (!!!), which was way too long to be apart from all of them.

We ate out at a lot of good places. There is a new Brazilian steakhouse in Newark that we tried out. We also went to Taverna to celebrate an early mother’s day and I also got to enjoy my favorite sushi place back home.

Mack and I got to go shopping for her birthday (little haul post coming soon). On Monday, my mom and I went out for a girl’s day in Maryland to spend some time browsing the antique stores.

I also got to spend time relaxing in general with a bubble bath as well as some down time with movies.

Currently, I am back at JMU completing EMT requirements before classes start back up. Pretty much this was just an update post but I hope you all have been enjoying little moments here and there when you can. Anything new and exciting happening in your life?

xoxo Morgan



  1. Beth aka mom · May 10, 2017

    Missing you already.

    Liked by 1 person

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