Summer Time Fun


TGIF for real though! I am so happy that it is the weekend. After three weeks of an organic class, I am itching for summer to actually be here. Just one more week! I keep thinking of all the fun that this summer will be filled with.

I am so ready to relax for a hot second before getting into work and other activities. Right after I finish my class, I get to go home for a bit before heading to Marco Island!!

One of my favorite things to do during the summer is relax on the beach. There is nothing better than the sand between your toes and the sun shining down.

I also cannot wait to spend some time in Delaware this summer too. I love visiting family and being able to spend time shopping or heading to the beach (shocker right?).

I am excited this summer to knock some things off my 101 in a 1001 list. I feel like it took a back burner with school and especially with this summer class. However, I am hoping to keep it in the back of my mind. I feel like a lot of things on there are not only good for my actual health, but a fair amount are good for my mental and social health as well.

There are definitely some activities I am looking forward to and maybe they will be your interesting enough for you to put on your summer bucket list…

  1. Take a spontaneous, unplanned road trip with friends
  2. Try a new coffee shop
  3. Do a photo shoot by the beach or in a cute town
  4. Host a brunch
  5. Read, read, read
  6. Go to a baseball game
  7. Workout more
  8. Learn something new (like paddle boarding or guitar)
  9. Journal, keep track of my adventures
  10. Watch less Netflix and get outside more (as I write this while watching Netflix and sitting in a coffee shop)

Those are just some simple ideas to try this summer. Some are from my bucket list, but I am hoping not just to sit around like a bum so I truly want to find a way to jump start these ideas.

I plan on up-ing my blog game too. I want to take more pictures (just like my June Mantra) because pictures are one of my favorite parts of blogging.

Honestly, this summer is a time a really want to work on being happy. Spending time doing things I enjoy with people I love is becoming a big deal to me as I am growing up.

So help me focus this summer. Hopefully, you can all be a reminder to me and I to you about finding our true happiness. How are you planning on spending your summer? Any fun recommendations?

xoxo Morgan


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