Embrace being basic

IMG_0498IMG_0497IMG_0496IMG_0495IMG_0494Happy happy Monday friends! I know it’s a burden to get back into the work week, but you just gotta push through it. Find some small joy to get you psyched for the day.

A running joke lately on my snapchat story (which it’s possible only I enjoy or find funny, but hey maybe that’s my little joy) has been “basic girl say what.”

Everyone jokes about being basic and I thought what better way to celebrate that (rather than shame it) is to write a list of all things basic girls do. A favorite vlogger of mine made a video of her list of 100 things basic girls do (which you can watch here!) and I thought it was both amazing and hilarious (as well as spot on… I might be too basic).

Therefore, you should read the list and score yourself to see if you too should “say what.”

  1. You frequent coffee shops
  2. You own Adidas
  3. You own white converse
  4. You own Chacos
  5. You own Birkenstocks
  6. You love iced coffee
  7. You own black ripped skinny jeans
  8. You own something Lilly Pulitzer
  9. You have a candle obsession
  10. You cry every time you see a puppy
  11. You keep up with trendy phrases or dances
  12. You try to have an Instagram theme (follow my gram @thepatternedprep)
  13. You like Rosé
  14. You have a Spotify playlist that has “jams” in the title
  15. You watched (and loved) Gossip Girl
  16. You have used a bath bomb
  17. You have taken a picture of your food before you have eaten it
  18. You have gotten mad when you forgot to take a picture of your food after you already ate it
  19. You love Nicholas Sparks books
  20. You love Nicholas Sparks movies (bonus point if you have cried during them)
  21. You refer to your friends as a squad
  22. You care about snapchat streaks
  23. You love watching HGTV
  24. You watch the Bachelor(ette)
  25. You use VSCO to edit your pics
  26. You like avocados on everything
  27. You own or want overalls
  28. You have an iPhone
  29. You like specialty lattes
  30. You have tried to order from the secret menu at Starbucks
  31. Or tried their new trendy drinks just because they are trending
  32. You wear t-shirts way too big (honestly it is so much comfier)
  33. Bonus point if you prefer comfort colors
  34. You have taken a “candid” laughing photo that was totally planned
  35. You use the phrase “treat yoself”
  36. You’ve used boomerang
  37. You’ve boomeranged clinking drink glasses
  38. You post about snapchat holidays (i.e. national donut day)
  39. You have tried an acai bowl
  40. You have been to a farmer’s market
  41. You frequent Chipotle
  42. You’ve used the word “lit”
  43. You’ve danced it out to a pop song (Despacito anyone?)
  44. You’ve ombréd your hair
  45. You have gotten gel nails
  46. You own or want to own a record player
  47. You have a lot of monogrammed things
  48. You have an aesthetic
  49. You love succulents
  50. You wear chokers
  51. Your comforter is fluffy and white
  52. You have a lot of bed pillows
  53. You have had something to drink in a mason jar
  54. Your favorite meal is brunch (with mimosas)
  55. Your planner is color coded
  56. You’ve cried during a romantic movie
  57. You are on board with the athlesuire trend
  58. You have twinkle lights hanging in your room
  59. You frequent/ rave about target
  60. You love Trader Joe’s
  61. You have stickers on your laptop
  62. You’ve taken a sunset pic
  63. You’ve bought something just because it was “in”
  64. You’ve watched Grey’s Anatomy
  65. You’ve used a sheet face mask
  66. You own something Patagonia
  67. You’ve eaten kale
  68. You’ve eaten quinoa
  69. You’ve tried almond milk or put it in your iced coffee
  70. You like sushi
  71. You love Anthropologie
  72. You have a Vineyard Vines shirt or baseball hat
  73. You have an eno
  74. You are happy when you have Chaco tan lines
  75. You’ve worn an off the shoulder top
  76. You have used “#goals”
  77. You’ve worn a front button up skirt
  78. Marble is also your aesthetic
  79. You have a decorative element to your car keys
  80. You have taken a picture of your coffee with your car wheel

Well there are 80 things that could make you a #basic girl (say what!). I do not qualify for all of them, but a lot I want to try. Definitely watch Morgan Yates’ video for even more ideas to score yourself on. And if anyone wants to embrace the basic together, hit a girl up! What was your score from above? Comment down below!

xoxo Morgan



  1. Beth · June 5, 2017

    I got a few. I feel so.cool LO


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