Beautiful Little Seashell

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Happy Friday friends! Sorry for this post being late in the day but I got to spend the day with some fabulous little people.

As I was walking along the dock in Florida last week, I was engrossed in my search to find the perfect shell (I also had my heart set on finding a sand dollar because Mo money Mo problems right?). It was hard to search because I kept stepping on shells, which made me sad for some reason.

Here I am, just trying to find a shell when I could have stepped on that perfect shell each time I put my foot down in search of another. Of course, my mind started being dramatic and I started making a little metaphor for myself.

Do you ever feel like a shell? I know that sounds weird but actually think about it. We go through life just living and feeling really great about where we are in life. But then one person, just one person, comes and steps on us causing us to crack. They step on us with their words or their actions, making us feel smaller causing them to look bigger. It doesn’t even have to be a person that “steps” on you. You can have a rough day, get a bad grade, spill a coffee on yourself…

But the important part is not how we are “stepped on” or broken… the important part is how we handle it. If we wallow in our brokenness, that’s all we will ever be. We can’t be made into something beautiful again unless we hand over that brokenness. I personally know that without knowing that the one true artist is the only one that can fix me, I will stay wallowing in my brokenness. Only with Him can I be made into something beautiful again.

All in all, stepping on those shells made me both think to not wallow in my brokenness as well as allow myself to be used for something new and beautiful, like a mosaic with the broken shells. It also reminds me to notice if I might be stepping on someone. I need to be more aware of the people I impact, and hope I am being a light to them, rather than a source of pain.

As you can tell, I was definitely getting deep looking for shells haha. Hopefully it can be a lesson to you as well.

xoxo Morgan



  1. alexandraferri · June 30

    this post really reminded me of one of my favorite books, A Gift From the Sea. I think you would like it. I really enjoyed this post!!
    xxx ali

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  2. val · July 1

    You are beautiful inside and out and truly inspire those around you! The little people had lots of fun with you today:) Have a wonderful holiday weekend.

    Liked by 1 person

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