Home Away From Home

Happy July 24th lovely friends! I am back at school for the week to complete my EMT shifts for July. Coming back to the apartment I have been in for the past year and will be again for this year has been such a blessing. I did not have to move out and am so thankful to be able to stay in one place. It’s rough as a college student to have to change where you live every year. You still have your room at home but when your home away from home keeps changing, settling in takes longer.

I figured I would do a post of things that are definitely a necessity when living in a dorm or your first apartment when it comes to making it feel like home, rather than just a temporary dwelling. When you put effort into the little details, it makes life ten times better.

  1. Fuzzy robe // There’s nothing better than getting out of a warm shower and putting a comfy fuzzy robe. Sometimes I even just put it on in the morning or if I’m doing a face mask at night.
  2. Blankets and Pillows // Staying on the comfy note, I am a big advocate for the more blankets and pillows the better. I legitimately have a ladder full of blankets and my bed is filled with unnecessary pillows.tumblr_oba9l6D7g01qa8rqwo2_500tumblr_oba9l6D7g01qa8rqwo1_500
  3. Christmas lights // Honestly, this one couldn’t be more basic (see how basic you are on this post) but like the best thing is plugging in some lights and just hanging watching netflix.
  4. Pictures of people you care about // I take so many pictures so this one is a given. Putting up pictures of family and friends remind me of the people that love me, which makes me feel at home. (also pictures of my dogs make my heart happy).
  5. A piece of home // This can be completely different for everyone. I have trinkets from home, like an elephant figurine or a cute fake flower. Sometimes this can be completely different too. I know cooking something that my family eats a lot also helps it feel like home. Bake some cookies and make the house smell like love.

There are honestly sooooo many more things but I tried to keep it to five. I always love painting canvases so I have a few of those up as well. I actually need to make more canvases for my future glittles (AH news about that COMING SOON).

ALSO I have another big announcement… the Van fam is going to PARIS! I literally cannot wait. I am already planning outfits in my head and cannot wait to picnic in front of the Eiffel Tower and get macarons from Ladurée.

But anyway, what are you fav things to make your place at school feel like home?

xoxo Morgan


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  1. val · July 24

    You are going to love Paris!!! I am a little envious:)

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