PINspiration Pinterest Roundup

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Good morning and happy Wednesday friends (as the snapchat filter this morning said it’s workout Wednesday but I am working all day so that probably won’t happen)! Being working everyday this week, I don’t have that much time to take pictures but plenty of time sitting on social media between calls so I figured why not use my busy life/laziness for good right?

Pinterest is one of my favorite places to find any sort of inspiration. Whether that be finding a new outfit to wear to a new recipe or even just some photos that make my heart happy, it is easy to find something to inspire you. Honestly, some things are just so pretty.

Y’all. I am so excited for Paris. You should see the amount of Paris things I have pinned that I found as soon as my dad reserved the trip. There are countless pictures of the Eiffel Tower (one featuring a picnic which is definitely happening) as well as guides and other blog posts. I am so hype and already trying to plan outfits in my head. There will definitely be an outfit guide to come and probably a what to do guide once we get back.

I’ve also seen so much cute stuff recently in the housing department. Maybe it’s because I’m not moving this year or maybe it’s just my inner Joanna Gaines but I cannot wait to design my own place one day. Of course now I can decorate my bedroom, but I want a whole house guys.

I love getting outfit inspiration on Pinterest. If I ever get bored of my clothes and can’t think of an outfit, I go check out my fashion board. Lately, I have been obsessed with two piece sets and have been looking for more. The one above is so cute and if you know me, you know my obsession with stripes (i.e. why I’m the Patterned Prep). I also saw the cutest pjs on the same site (that I first saw from one of my favorite bloggers Kate from Lonestar Southern) and am dying to get my hands on them (although they are one of those wholesale sites that I haven’t gotten around to trusting quite yet). Finally that black dress outfit is totally a type of inspiration for going to Paris. I can’t wait to wear clean lines and classic, minimalist outfits while there.

If you want, give me a follow on Pinterest to keep up with things that are inspiring me. The link is in the left side bar and give me a follow on the other socials too to keep up with my life!

What has been inspiring you lately?

xoxo Morgan


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